There are a series of steps, that can take one year to three years to complete.  A flow chart will be provided to you at your first consultation outlining what to expect from this process. At all times, Amanda will work with you to put forward a plan or offers to settle an effort to resolve the conflict. However, her ability to settle is contingent upon your instructions, your former spouse's disclosure in a timely fashion and his or her ability to consider your offers to bring the matter to a close. In the event you can not reach an agreement with your former spouse, the matter will ultimately proceed to a trial where a Judge will make a final Order that is binding upon you and your former spouse.


Amanda's job is to provide you with an opinion and counsel you as to how the law applies to your unique family situation.  Amanda prides herself on providing information to her clients, well prepared Court materials and a strong dose of realism - what you can expect the Court to reasonably order.  With her guidance, care and experience, warm office and experienced staff members, we try to make your experience at Amanda Gaw Family Law as stress free, kind and compassionate as possible to assist you through your family transition.  At Amanda Gaw Family Law, we help you restructure your family.


Your children are most important in this process.  Amanda wants to help you create solutions and adopt positions that focus on your children's best interests, so that they can do what they do best - be kids.