Amanda's philosophy is that family is the anchor that grounds us when the waters get rough.  Amanda has specifically chosen a team with family based values that support her ideals and more importantly, assist her clientele to resolve their family issues with kindness, concern and legal expertise.  We're here to help you write the next chapter of your book...  


AMANDA GAW | Principal & owner

B.A. (Hons); LL.B; LL.M; Acc. F.M; Mediator; Arbitrator

Amanda is passionate about assisting families transition from one home to two. After practising for a few years, she realized that the “old school” aggressive litigator approach - embraced by many lawyers - did not match her values and desire to help families restructure post-separation. Amanda’s primary focus revolves around providing solid legal counsel, settling the issues as quickly as possible while encouraging the family members - and in particular, children - to build resiliency and coping skills.

Amanda prides herself on providing her clients with a healthy dose of realism in order to manage their expectations. Amanda provides her clients with information so they can determine a process to reach a settlement or resolution that best meets their personal goals and unique needs.


Amanda’s commitment to her education in family law has expanded the services she can offer to each family, and additionally, furthered her skill and expertise. This allows her to offer her clients the most current legal information available so she can tailor her advice to each family’s unique situation. Amanda has just over twenty years’ experience in family law, which consists of:

• Law Clerk in a Law practice restricted to Family Law (1997 to 2004)
• Lawyer - University of Windsor Law School (2004); Call to the Ontario Bar (2005)
• Collaborative Law Designation (2011)
• Family Mediator Designation (2013)
• Family Law Arbitrator Designation (2013)
• Masters in Family Law from Osgoode Hall Law School (2016)

Amanda has recently expanded her firm in order to provide better service to current and future clientele. She has a wonderful staff complement which she has carefully handpicked to provide caring and down to earth advice and direction for those who are willing to give Amanda Gaw Family Law an opportunity to service their legal needs.

Amanda is also the owner and Mediator Principal of Reconnect Family Mediation. You can read more about this option for family law resolution at www.reconnectsarnia.ca. Schedule a consultation with Amanda to discuss how she can provide you with options and solutions to resolve your family law issues.

olivia+fbook+website copy.jpg

olivia nisbet | Associate Lawyer

Amanda is thrilled to announce that Olivia is joining Amanda Gaw Family Law September 4, 2018.  Olivia has a long history with the office, having worked initially as a Law Clerk for Amanda prior to and during Law School.  Born and raised in St. Clair Township, Olivia is happy to return home to start her practice.

Olivia is a graduate of Western University Faculty of Law.  Olivia completed her articles at a corporate law firm in Toronto.  Olivia wishes to practice in the areas of Real Estate, Wills and Estates and Corporate Law - all new legal services which we are thrilled to offer to our new and existing clients.

Olivia is excited to take on clients who will reap the benefit of her knowledge in these areas of law where she can work with them to achieve the desired outcomes, whether it is the peace of mind a will provides, celebrating the sale or purchase of a new home or setting up your corporation.

Call the office today to schedule a consult with Olivia.


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ANdrea | office manager, bookkeeping & Billing

Andrea is Amanda's right hand and is an integral part of Amanda Gaw Family Law. Andrea treats all of our clients with respect, kindness and a willingness to assist clients by providing them with information as they navigate our legal services.

She is primarily responsible for managing all accounts receivables and accounts payable. Andrea assists clients by processing retainers, interim billings and accepting payments on account. Andrea is responsible for negotiating payment arrangements and schedules directly with clients where applicable. Andrea is Andrea is in the office Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


AGFL Law Clerk Staff

Julie Cardy and Suzie McKnight

Julie and Suzie are brand new to Amanda Gaw Family Law and Amanda could not be happier!  Julie and Suzie bring to the office an abundance of Law Clerk experience which will improve the quality of care and attention the client's of AGFL receive!    Suzie and Julie run the front office of AGFL and both act as a liaison between Amanda and her clients, scheduling appointments and preparing court documents. Julie and Suzie look forward to continuing to efficient manage client files by corresponding with clients to provide regular status updates. Amanda specifically picked Julie and Suzie for their strong interpersonal and caring skills.  Suzie and Julie’s kindness are matched only with their direct and professional approach and desire to assist Amanda’s clients. Suzie and Julie is in the office Mondays to Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.